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Our Work

For over 35 years Select Printing & Coping has provided professional services to a wide range of clients. 

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The NAVY Magazine

Serving our military community is our number one priority. The Association of the U.S. Navy chose Select Printing to print their summer NAVY magazine. Over 89 vibrant pages of high-resolution images. 



Coast Guard

Serving the maritime services over the past 35 years has made Select Printing & Copying the choice of the Coast Guard for the printing needs.  


Gunny Wolf (center) is the founder of and a USMC veteran. Gunny has provided morale (and lots of laughs) to the military for 26 plus years. 

Select Printing and Copying is the official printer of SemperToons.


Educational & Teaching

Teachers depend on high-quality handouts and Select Printing & Copying never fails. Each year educational institutions depend on on-time printing and delivery. 

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