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Your Event's Main Speaker

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The art of hosting a great event or conference begins with your main speaker. The key-note speaker will hopefully deliver a message reflecting your company's message and brand. Select Printing and Copying knows that your main speaker is your marketing material.

Your event print material needs to capture their attention and be unforgettable from the minute your attendee enters the venue to when they head for the airport. For the next 24-72 hours, you have one goal - retention!

When planning for a conference, event, or training, finding a way to make a statement with your attendees is essential. After all, you want them to remember you long after they have left the venue. With the right branding materials, you can make a lasting impression.

From business cards to promotional material, the print materials for your event should be consistent. High-quality print and promotional materials will capture the attention of attendees and convey your professionalism.

Here are six branding print materials that can help make your business stand out:

FLOOR GRAPHICS - specially designed stickers that you can use for floor advertising. They are suitable for directing customers to your area while showcasing your brand identity at the same time.

PULL-UP BANNERS - come on a stand that you can set up anywhere in just seconds. Pull-up banners are essential for entry points to your venue and hallways leading to event areas. Everyone who walks by will be able to see your message.

VINYL BANNERS - Vibrant vinyl banners are great for displaying on the side of a building or in the conference area. They can be custom-made as large as you need with professional text and images.

BADGES - Creating ID badges is a great way to show off your brand while identifying speakers and staff members. We will include your brand logo and colors to be consistent with your overall branding. Plus, attendees usually keep badges after the event is over.

FLYERS - the time-honored flyer is an easy way and affordable way of marketing your event. The flyer should contain the most relevant information about the conference and leave room for an attention-grabbing graphic.

BROCHURES & BUSINESS CARDS - These are simple marketing materials. Some people won’t stay for the entire conference, and you don’t want them to leave empty-handed. It’s a good idea to have company brochures and business cards readily available. Ensuring entry points and tables are stocked will make it is easy for anyone to pick up and get more information about your business.

With these materials, you can boost recognition for your company and connect with more people attending your event. SelectPrinting will help you create high-quality print and promotional materials for your event.

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